Blower Door Testing

How Energy-Efficient Is Your Home?

How Energy-Efficient Is Your Home?

Schedule a blower door test in Rockport, TX to find out

Does your AC run all day but your home still feels too hot? Do you notice a draft of cold air around your windows and doors in the winter? Chances are your windows and doors are leaking air. Schedule a blower door test with AirBoss in Rockport, TX to see how energy-efficient your home actually is. We'll identify window and door seal issues and point you to contractors who can make the proper repairs.

Learn more about our blower door testing services today by calling 361-851-4444. We'll be happy to answer your questions and let you know if a blower door test is right for you.

How our process works

Blower door testing is a simple, same-day process that provides us with many answers about your home's energy efficiency. To carry out the test, we will:

  • Place tarps around window and door frames
  • Use an industrial-sized floor fan to blow air around
  • Gauge the amount of airflow getting through
Trust us to pinpoint where your cool air - and money - are flying out the window. Reach out today to schedule your blower door testing service.